September 23, 2015

September Strawberry Shortcake! {Recipe by Ina Garten}

Farmer's Market Strawberries inspired me to search for a good strawberry dessert recipe. I like this one from Ina Garten (the "Barefoot Contessa") because it's simple and delicious. For a touch of garnish, I added some fresh basil, a trend that's now popular in France.

August 29, 2015

San Francisco's Coolest New Sweet Specialist: Sixth Course

Sixth Course is located at 1544 15th Street in San Franciso's hip Mission district. 
Tucked away on a quiet side street in San Francisco's Mission district, Sixth Course is a hidden gem awaiting your discovery. This trendy upscale dessert place offers fancy French-style pastries, chocolates and ice cream.

Celebrate San Francisco's unusually summery weather with a refreshing Gelato Pop from Sixth Course.  The North Beach (pistacchio gelato) and Valhrona (dark chocolate) are absolutely delicious!!

August 7, 2015

Tart Baking Class & Tea Party!

Here's a review of the baking class & tea party in June for those who weren't able to make it. We had so much fun preparing traditional French-style Tartes aux Fruits (Berry Tarts). The strawberry season lasts until September, so it's still a great time to try this classic recipe that I learned in France. See below for a mini photo album of our efforts in the kitchen.