December 16, 2013

Holiday Happiness in a Chocolate Box!

There are many ways to find happiness. Some pursue fulfilling work. Others take tropical vacations. The more enlightened meditate. However, the true path is simpler. Scientific studies show that chocolate makes people happy! 

My Favorite Chocolates from Artisan Chocolatiers in SF:

1.) Recchiuti (One Ferry Building, Shop #30, San Francisco)
           Handmade chocolates with pretty Christmas ornament designs.
     Recchiuti makes exquisite chocolates in the European style.
"Twas the Night Before Christmas" Gift Box filled with 8 caramel-chocolate truffles

2.) Charles Chocolates (currently sold at 26th and Guerrero Market in SF)
Handcrafted artisan chocolates made in San Francisco
          Classic chocolate truffles with fun and festive designs!           
     *Caramel Chocolate with Star Design *Peanut-Butter Praline Butterfly
      *Fleur de Sel Caramel with Snowflake Design *Chocolate Ganache Truffle

Wonderful flavors and presentation! So special and surprising! 
Who wouldn't love to receive this box of chocolates as a gift!?!
*Spiced Honey, *Caramel Apple, *Cherry Vanilla, *Peppermint, *Passion-Fruit Caramel,
*Fleur de Sel Caramel, *Raspberry, *Rosemary Caramel, *Brown Butter

Happy Holidays!!

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@the_bear_clan said...

Yes, happiness certainly is in a Chocolate Box! What a wonderful assortment of chocolates and so exciting to see the options! Especially at this time of year.

@the_bear_clan said...

I shared this blog with someone on my team and she bought chocolates for all of us from Recchiuti! I could not have been happier and truly enjoyed them. They are as beautiful as they are delicious. Thank you for spreading the word!

Miss Patisserie said...

Thanks for sharing the post! I'm so glad to hear that the Recchiuti chocolates were appreciated! :)

Barbarazzi said...

Beautiful chocolates! I love all of them!!