December 18, 2013

Merriest Christmas Cakes!! {Review of San Francisco Bakeries}

Cakes are synonymous with celebrations. If you're hosting a holiday party, it will only be a special occasion if you have a pretty cake! As Julia Child once said, "A party without cake is just a meeting."

Here are the prettiest cakes for your festive holiday gatherings:
Traditional French yule log of chocolate sponge cake with milk chocolate mousse. Decor: dark chocolate ganache, meringue "mushrooms" and chocolate "pine cone". It's so charming as well as surprisingly light and fluffy!

Contemporary Holiday Cake from Craftsman and Wolves
Gingersnap quince cake & brown butter frosting. Loved this cake!
Subtly spicy flavor with a creamy frosting!

Modern Bûche de Nöel from b. Patisserie
Chocolate biscuit, Valrhona chocolate mousse, hazelnut feuilletine.
Sophisticated presentation and refined flavors!

I shared the small Bûche de Nöel from Miette Bakery with several friends, accompanied by chocolates, gingerbread cookies and hot spiced apple cider. It was a cozy and fun get-together! 

Holiday buffet table featuring Miette Bakery's Bûche de Nöel!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!!

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Nikki said...

They all look amazing!!

@the_bear_clan said...

I would like to eat a bit from each of these right now please!

Unknown said...

The log cake looks delicious! I wish I could find a recipe and replicate it.

Miss Patisserie said...

Here is a recipe that's close to the Miette yule log:

This cake is actually quite simple to make. It has a chocolate-whipped cream filling rather than the typical buttercream (which is much more complicated).