About Miss Pâtisserie

Hi! I'm Lisa, the author of this blog. Thank you for visiting! 

I've always enjoyed baking, ever since I learned to make chocolate-chip cookies from scratch at age seven. Then there was my cake-decorating class in junior high school and next delving into the world of Martha Stewart cookbooks. I studied Comparative Literature at Smith College and after graduating followed in the footsteps of Julia Child. I departed for France to study
pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu, where I completed a 9-month certificate program. This experience was total immersion into the fabulous world of French pâtisserie in the glorious city of Paris. It enjoyed every moment of la vie en rose in the City of Lights!

As a way of spreading the joy, I am sharing my dessert recipes and reviews of San Francisco bakeries. I try to keep my posts honest and balanced. I am just like any other paying customer, so my opinions are not biased by any influence of the shop owners. I'm happy to tell you about the wonderful desserts that I discover and create. My mission is simple: to make my readers smile and to bring about happiness through sweet treats. :)

May this blog inspire many memorable dessert experiences and special occasions!


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Ami said...

I love your *sweet* new blog, Lisa! Keep 'em coming.

Lisa Alexander said...

Thanks, Ami! YOU are sweet! Look out for the tea party invitation, details coming soon...

Heidi said...

It will be fun sampling these delicious-sounding recipes! Thanks for sharing them Lisa and these helpful reviews. I look forward to more!

Miss Patisserie said...

Thanks, Heidi! I'm looking forward to getting together for tea and sharing some of these desserts with you!

Linda Moore said...

Lisa, What fun to have stumbled upon your blog! Are you still writing? The graphics are fun, too! Look forward to learning more about your sweets!